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Rays of the Dawn Lessons

In person study sessions are held on Fridays from 11:30  am to 1 pm.  Beginning in July meetings will be every other week until further notice.

Rays of the Dawn books are available for $18 while supplies last.  

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Week of May 30 - Jun 5:  The Four Laws of the Body - Movement

Movement or exercise is the only distributing agent of our bodies.  

Week of Jun 6 - 12: The Four Laws of the Body - Recuperation

This Law demands that every living creature get a sufficient amount of rest and sleep.  During this period of inactivity the forces of the body tries to repair the damage that has been done during the day.

Week of Jun 13 - 19: The Four Laws of the Body - Sanitation

Think of the human body as having two sides, the outside and the inside.  Both must be kept clean or we reap ill health and disease.

Week of Jun 20 - 26:  The Laws of the Mind & Soul - FEAR & FAITH

​The student gains a correlated working KNOWLEDGE of the Laws of Fear & Faith; their relationship to each other & the other Laws.eek of Jun 20 - 26: The Laws of the Mind & Soul - FEAR & FAITH

Week of Jun 27 - Jul  10:  The Laws of the Mind & Soul - WORRY & HOPE

The student is presented with a method of eliminating his worries. He is made aware that he is in the "Schoolroom of Life" continually being confronted with lessons having both positive & negative aspects. He must face his problems & as he does he progresses spiritually. He learns seeming failures are the stepping stones to success and that he is not judged by what he has but by what he does with what he has.

Week of Jul 11 - Jul 24: The Laws of the Mind & Soul - Selfishness & Generosity

The student travels father along the Path gaining a greater comprehension of the Real & the False.  As Knowledge increases, he begins to See & Understand more and more the Beauty of the Divine Plan.   More and more he realizes that there  is a Spiritual Aspect of Life and a Material Aspect.  And further, he must fain Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom so that he may gain Mastery and "know how" to balance the two.