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The Law of Nourishment

"He has disobeyed the Law of Nourishment so long that he does not have perfect digestive organs. They have degenerated due to improper food and wrong living; therefore, the Law of Nourishment must be so modified that it will pertain to man as he is today." Dr. Thurman Fleet

1.  In the vegetable and animal kingdoms we observe an intelligence naturally guides & controls their sustenance.  In the primitive state humans were also guided by instinct.  What changed in the human kingdom that required the Law of Nourishment to be modified to pertain to our needs?

2.  Explain the difference between dead and live foods and give examples of each.

3.  There are four groups of foods, Builders, Eliminators, Congestors, and Lubricators.  What function do they perform in the body and give examples of foods for each group.

4.  How many times more Eliminators compared to Builders should we eat, and why do you think that is important? 

Dr. Fleet says, "There is no field of science more exploited by theorists and commercial faddists than that of nutrition." (Thurman Fleet, Rays of the Dawn, Chapter1, page 8).  This was true when it was written over a half century ago and is even more  relevant today.  It is no wonder we are so confused about how we should eat for a healthy body.  Dr. Fleet continues to say "There are two extremes in combining foods.  Exponents of one extreme limit their food to natural foods only.  The followers of the other combine their meals without any regard for dietetic rules.  A good compromise between these two is to properly and sensibly balance each meal for health according to the Law of Nourishment." (Thurman Fleet, Rays of the Dawn, Chapter 1, Last paragraph on Page 8).  

The applicable Rays of the Dawn Daily Message, dated October 16, 2022 


What fluids enrich the bloodstream?

"Although water is important in maintaining internal cleanliness, it is erroneous to believe that by drinking large quantities of water we can cleanse the system of its waste material. Water only flushes. It never cleanses unless combined with alkaline elements that will dissolve the acids and toxins so they can be absorbed by the bloodstream and excreted."

This next group of questions were based on an article that I found on the internet. I chose it because Dr. Fleet says the Builders are acid forming and we should eat three times more Eliminators than builders. I believe an understanding of the acids and alkali is beneficial for helping us to understand how science has determined that food affects our digestive process. Please read this article by Plavaneeta Borah Updated: February 15, 2022 10:45 IST



1.  Acid

2.  Alkali

3.  pH Level

4.  Acid Ash

5.  Phytochemicals

6.  Minerals

7.  Vitamins

8.  Antioxidants

9.  Nutrients

1.  Acids are ?

2.  Alkalis are ?

3.  The pH Balance of the stomach is ?

4.  The pH of the stomach is highly ....  Acidic or Alkaline ... and why?

5.  Acid Ash is the main cause of?

6.  Does the acid or alkali always determine the pH of the food itself?

7.  Citrus fruits are acidic but citric acid is ?

Why is a balanced meal important

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