West Coast ROD Study Club​

Rays of the Dawn Daily Message - June 19, 2021


How does worry create its own problems?

If a period of concentrated thinking offers no solution to a difficulty, the average person might begin worrying, as though such a reaction would produce an answer to the problem. The individual begins to fret. Shortly afterward comes the fear of consequences—followed by mental depression, despondency, and brooding. Soon the whole organism is disturbed. Like the emotion of fear, worry directly affects the physiological processes. Strange symptoms result from worry, and immediately the individual begins to attach these symptoms to more serious causes. Worry is a destroyer of health, wealth, love, and expression. Then it creates bigger difficulties to worry about—all the outcome of negative thinking. Nature did not intend that we should worry. She endowed us with a brain wherein is stored wisdom, instinct, intellect, willpower, and the power to reason. Furthermore, Nature intended that we should use these attributes intelligently so that our lives would be such a beautiful, harmonious expression that any condition creating worry would be foreign to our experience.