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About the Author

In  1930 Dr. Thurman Fleet was a retired Captain of the US Army.  His services in WW I rendered him totally and permanently disabled and he was given one year to live and sent home to die.  He went home and secured the services of a chiropractor which was so beneficial that he decided to become a doctor himself.  In Dr. Fleet's own words "On December 17, 1931 I experienced what is known as an illumination.  This experience seems to parallel those recorded in Dr. Bucke's book entitled "Cosmic Consciousness".  This conclusion may be wishful thinking on my part, and yet it may have been a true case of the higher consciousness which I experienced.  At any rate, I was suddenly transferred out of my normal consciousness into one much higher, a consciousness that made me feel at One with all Life.  I am convinced that there is no use in trying, with words, to describe such a state.  It has to be experienced."

He spent the next ten years in research and experimentation, trying to prove to himself that the information he had been given during his illumination was true.  During those ten years he also operated a very successful Chiropractic clinic in San Antonio, Texas.  He attributes his secret to success as "in conjunction with the Chiropractic treatment, I taught my patients a philosophy of life -- how to live in harmony with the Laws of the Body, Mind and Soul."

Dr. Fleet spent the rest of his life endeavoring to teach the philosophy of Concept-Therapy and Conceptology to Chiropractors and later to lay persons.  There were many ups and downs, but he was finally able to build a place where his work could be taught for generations to follow.  Aum-Sat-Tat Ranch, or simply the Ranch, is the headquarters of the Concept-Therapy Institute.   The Rays of the Dawn is offered freely to the public without compensation except the cost of purchasing the text.  Study Clubs are initiated and formed by individual students for no monetary compensation.  This study is offered to people from all walks of life in order to assist them on them on their path to perfect health -- Body, mind, and soul.

What is Rays of the Dawn About?

Dr. Thurman Fleet's "Rays of the Dawn: Natural  Laws of the Body, Mind, and Soul" is a Total Health Handbook giving you inspiration for a better life and the tools to build it.  When we experience stress, we become more susceptible to the onset of illness.  This book shows you how to focus on the positive changes you can make to achieve greater harmony with Natural Law providing health and wellness for the whole person, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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Meet Our Moderators

Barbara Dawson, Chief Pilot

 Hello and welcome to the West Coast Rays of the Dawn website.

Barb began her journey to greater knowledge and health on April 18th, 1975 and has been studying the Rays of the Dawn for 46 years. This book grows as we grow, giving new insights and greater understanding. Truly a book of wisdom.

We are here to assist anyone who has a sincere desire to have a better, less stressful, healthy, happy life. Come join us as we seek to find all that is possible. "Try it, you'll like it."

Beverly Hartman, Co-Pilot

Hello, I started the club with my friend Barbara Dawson so that we could work together to clean up some health issues we have been experiencing. I started my path to a better life when I was introduced to the Rays of the Dawn in the 1980s. I continued to study the advanced courses taught by the Concept-Therapy Institute, but I recently realized that I have learned some very valuable information but I have failed to apply the principles that the rest of the philosophy is built upon. What good is an education if you don't use it? So that is why I am going back to the basics. I want to master them so I can live the life that I have always dreamed of. It is my most sincere wish that you can find some benefit from studying with us.